Tom Lustig

Tommy Lustig just before Terezin, and his Parents, Pavel and Irene.

from his book, Children on Death Row:

Tommy was an innocent little boy who was sent to prison when he was 6 years old, and who was kept there for three years. He was actually sentenced to death, he was supposed to be murdered, but his murderers were too busy murdering others. The murderers ran out of time, and so Tommy survived.

Just try to imagine how it could be that a 6-year-old boy could be locked in a prison and sentenced to death. What kind of a crime could a 6-year-old child have committed to deserve a sentence of three years imprisonment, and to be sentenced to die?

Tommy, the little boy, was actually me and I will tell you in my story what I remember from those terrible days some 70 years ago. I just wanted you to have an image of a little boy in front of you when you hear and read my story, instead of seeing the old man who is writing about it now. As you know, Tampora mutantur et nose mutamur in illis – times change, and we change with them. I have changed as time has passed by, and you certainly will change also. I hope my story, the story about little Tommy, will affect the way you change.

(C) Tommy Lustig